Man, its been an interesting semester. Thanks to my German 3510:Thinking Global class, I have learned more about our increasing global world and the different components that add up to the current day issues such as racism or eurocentrism. Most Tuesdays this semester, we had a guest professor give us a lecture on a specific factor or a different perspective. While I found each to be interesting, informative, and definitely challenging, I found the drone lecture given by Professor Allen to be the most interesting and full of personal potential. I am currently a dual major in International Studies and Geography with a GIS emphasis. With that being the case, I can see that knowing the rules and regulations of drones will be of benefit for me personally in my future career. I have actually signed up for the class next semester where I will learn these rules and will learn how to actually fly a drone. When Professor Allen gave his lecture in class, he talked about how, using drones, him and his class used the data to help further their efforts to help a Costa Rican town during a study abroad experience. That coupled with my digital geography major really inspired me because drones are a cutting edge technology within my future field. It was really neat to see how drones can help a community rather than the stereotypical perspective of their use in wartime. They can be used to gather information which I can then input into a digital map using various software. It is inspiring to think that I’m effectively preparing for my future and becoming a more skilled individual. It also will help me accomplish my life goal of traveling and working in the field and consequently see the world and open myself up to new experiences.

In fact, drones can help countries such as Tunisia, which I have studied this semester. I’ve learned a lot about the country throughout the semester. I’ve learned a lot by blogging this semester. For example, I learned how to blog as this is my first blogging experience in my life. Tunisia has a lot occuring in the country itself that a lot of people may not know. I’ve  learned that Tunisia had a revolution pretty recently in 2011 and is actually one of the better gender equality nations in all of the Arabic world. I knew where the country is and its ancient history, however, I learned its medium to short past history, efforts and goals for the country in the 21st century, and some of the accomplishments for Tunisia. One thing that I personally learned was that despite a perilous situation, the Tunisian people are still optimistic and determined to make Tunisia a great and powerful country. This was a cool feeling because all of my research, except for gender equality, would give the reverse impression. I also learned about the UN goals that will come into effect next year and how they would specifically apply to Tunisia. It is good to hear that NGOs such as Mercy Corps and these goals are exactly what Tunisia needs to help establish the strong county that the people desire. It gave a real world example of the concepts that we learned in class and gave me the chance to address these issues using knowledge and perspectives that I was learning in other classes as well. So it gave me a chance to start connecting what I’m learning at college and applying it to, in this case Tunisia, and also the world.

I’m excited to see what happens next semester as I’m learning to fly drones. I can gather data about a region or community and try to help whatever project I’m working for. I wouldn’t have been aware of such an opportunity if I hadn’t taken this class. I also learned about the world as it is currently globalizing and learned about Tunisia especially. Once I’m out of college with my doctoral degree, I am excited for every opportunity to apply my drone skills to help people. Who knows, perhaps I can use my drone skills to help Tunisia one day! This semester has been really fun learning about the world while undergoing globalization and learning about opportunities to become involved with and impact the world. Thanks for all of the readers of this thread. Its been a blast and hopefully informative for you all.


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