TJ Hinch

Hello reader,

my name is Thomas Jonathan Jackson Hinch. I’m currently a Junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I’m dual-majoring in Geography with a GIS emphasis and International Relations. My hometown is Springfield, Missouri. I have been to 7 countries and am currently learning two languages which are French and Italian.


Rachel Foster-Gimbel

prom photoI am a sophomore in the School of Journalism, and I plan to emphasize in international convergence journalism. I am also minoring in political science and economics, and I took an international political economy course during my study abroad trip in Ghana last summer. I hope to go into foreign correspondence after I graduate and would like to continue to travel throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

Ami Bhatt

I am getting my BA in Biology this December, then hoping to attend medical school in 2017. I really enjoy traveling and with that comes an interest in examining global issues and solutions. After my graduation I will be taking the year and half to do internships abroad with various NGOs and Non-profit to have a better understanding of globalization and be trained to work in the fields of social-healthcare.